Shakti Tantra

The whole universe is a manifestation of dynamic Shakti. The energy that runs in every life form from smallest of insects to grand animals. It is manifesting on every level in various forms and lives. We take birth on the earthly plane, being manifested in a physical form that is filled with Prana that gives us life. The Shakti is not only giving us life but in various forms is also guiding us throughout our journey.

The Shakti (energy) is taking new forms and shapes and every time it takes a new form, we give it a new name. Shakti is manifesting continuously with Shiva. Shiva is the pure consciousness (static energy) while Shakti is the dynamic one. Shakti is flowing within as Prana and is also as Kundalini seated on the root chakra. Many of the spiritual practices are dedicated to awaken this energy, as here lays the secret of Self-enlightenment. This is how many people have been perceiving enlightenment, which causes them to search for practices to just awaken the Kundalini. Kundalini awakening without preparation is a dangerous affair. The energy in Kundalini is immense and Sadhak or Sadhika need to prepare their body for it.

The study of the tantra is mostly related to worship of the Feminine Energy, the Goddess. The Shakt branch sees everything as a manifestation of the female energy and believes that everything seen or unseen, real or unreal is an expression  of the Female aspect of the universe. There are other Tantras too which are associated with the worship of Shiva, Vishnu and Ganesh.

Here in “Shakti Tantra” we are essentially deliberating over the Wisdom of “Das Mahavidhyas” or “Ten Wisdom Goddesses”

Kali Tara Mahavidya Shodashi Bhuvaneshwari

Bhairavi Chinnamasta Cha Vidya Dhumavati Tattha

Matangi siddha Vidya Cha Kathita Baglamukhi

Eta Dasha Maha Vidya Sarva Tantreshu Gopitah

Kali, Tara, Shodashi, Bhuvaneshwari, Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, Dhumavati, Matangi, Kamala, And Bagla Mukhi are ten Mahavidyas which are secret of all Tantras.

As the energy changes its forms, various aspects of the goddess are revealed, which reveal the inherent quality of everything that exists. The mystery is veiled in such a subtle manner that every Sadhak or Sadhika bounds to see a totally different view with different tools. The tools like mantra and yantra help us to unveil the true nature of what is real, pure and divine within and outside.

A major part of Tantra is related to study of Ten Wisdom Goddesses. What is revealed during the study of each goddess separately is phenomenal. Every practitioner gets a different revelation completely based on his/her Psyche and most importantly “Need of inner being”

Shakti Tantra by Ma Shakti Devpriya is done exclusively for Females under IMSCON (International Mission for Shakti Consciousness.) It is understood that females are not able to even accept their femininity completely leave aside the divine aspect within them. It is the right time for them to learn about the divine aspect of femininity lying dormant in them. Just by knowing the wonderful mystery of Das Mahavidhya so many revelations start to happening within. Every Goddess has various aspect and characteristics which represent few inherent female qualities. The Goddess encourages us to tread the path further and realize the real mission of being on the Human Plane. They show us the path that gives fulfillment and completeness still being a part of the big worldly drama. The spiritual essence that is a part of every soul on the Earth, is not being revealed by many. Especially Females feel left out in this big spiritual transition that is taking place on this plane right now. Shakti Tantra gives this wonderful opportunity to every female to discover the “Divine Feminine Aspect” within. Every Goddess has a various theory and meditational practices that give an ‘never before’ experience.

The Ten Wisdom Goddesses reveal the knowledge that takes us towards the inner journey. Every layer of past experiences and emotions is peeled out and bondage’s start to loosen up as the wisdom starts to waken within us. Enter into the world of wisdom of Das Mahavidhya with Shakti Tantra.


TSV- A Sadhana to bring fulfillment at all the three levels- material, physical and spiritual