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The Power of Five Elements : Workshop on Applied Knowledge of the 5 Cosmic Energies


Know Your Dominant Element!

You are what Tattvas make of you!

Everyone has an innate desire to know more about self and the surroundings. In this search of knowing more one studies, gathers knowledge from all the available streams of knowledge around but the thirst is not quenched as basic questions arise again and again- What we are? and What makes us the way we are? How to change ourselves?

The answer to these questions lie right in front of us but we fail to get it as it seems to be too obvious to be so… but yes it is right. The Five great elements viz; Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space or Ether function as building stones of not only the whole perceivable and unperceivable universe, but also of our complete being. Whatever we are today, our behaviour, personality, habits, health, attitude and even the train of thoughts are attributed to the subtle interplay of the 5 Great Elements within us. The Five Great elements referred to as PanchTattvas are something we know about but too less of what they have to offer us.

You can change your Nature & Attitude

Most of us behave in weird ways and the have the habit of saying that it is my nature! This statement is somewhat true but after all what nature is?  Your unique nature, good or bad is outcome of the interplay of Five Elements in you.

This workshop by Ma Shakti & Acharya Agyaatadarshan ji shall reveal to you that uniqueness, some of which as a person you have always helplessly carried along comes to existence and how is this unique nature of yours is developed. The Panch-Tattva Bodha workshop helps correlate your nature to the dominant Element in you and also how each Tattva is secretly affecting your life, relationship, health and career. With the knowhow and renewed understanding gained in this Workshop you will be able to change your life, attitude and nature in extremely easy ways.

Change Your Life with Power of Tattvas

We are always surrounded by the Panch-tattvas but are not able to connect to the inherent hidden energies within them. This Masters’ Workshop Panch-Tattva Bodha gives you easy to do and powerful techniques to connect with the Elements (Tattvas) in the forms just as you know them.

Most of us  know these Elements albeit only in their raw forms. Everyone of us breathes the Air, cooks on the Fire, consumes the vegetables & grains grown on the Earth, drink and bathe in the Water and share the living and working Space with others. But we hardly know about the mysterious powers and secrets each Element (Tattva) has  in them. For example if we knew this Water Element gives us power to create great relationships; Earth if properly managed gives us material abundance and security and so on…  our approach towards them shall definitely change!

How long it takes to see the Changed Me?

Your disciplined engagement with Tattvas through learnt techniques starts unveiling these mysteries of Elements. All the chaos and clutter which you have gathered around starts to melt. You start seeing things in new gained clarity and Tattvic understanding. The joy comes freely as you welcome and take benefit of every moment. Your today for the first time becomes a gift of divine – The Present.

To say unbelievable, super-quick changes are observed in people’s behaviour within a period of 3 to 4 Months as they start connecting with the Infinite Cosmic reservoirs of pristine Elemental Energies within the framework provided by Tattva Shakti Vigyaan. Almost every person starts to feel the subtle differences within 3-4 weeks.

Contents & Duration of the Workshop

Tattvic world has innumerable gifts for you. The more you connect with these cosmic forces more insights you receive everyday. The knowledge given by Ma Shakti Devpriya ji in Panch-Tattva Bodha is unparalleled as she brings in her deeper understanding of Tantra in her teachings. With a teacher like her you can be sure of  learning amazing facts about Tattvas and also easy to do practical tips about using the Power of Tattvas to create Magical changes in your life.

  • Tattvas as building block of Universe
  • Understanding tattvas on External level
  • Tattvas and Health
  • Effects of Tattvas at Spiritual level
  • Know Your Dominant Element
  • Tattvas in action – Relationship
  • Practices/Techniques for Creating Love-filled relationships
  • Tattvas in action – Successful Career
  • Ways/Methods to boost your Career with Tattvas
  • Most Potent Tattvic method for removing all Vastu Doshas
  • Powerful techniques of connecting to the Elements in Nature
  • Introduction to the realms of Bhumi, Varuna, Agni, Vayu & Shiva
  • Practices for Five Elements on physical & energy level

It is a full one day workshop from Masters. When offered LIVE it is taken in 3 x Two Hours sessions i.e. total of 6 Hours.

Benefits of The Power of Five Elements* Workshop

There is no dearth of testimonies from people who have applied the Tattvic principles in their lives. With little awareness and efforts you shall definitely get much more than what you expect. People have been able to get rid of their bad tempers, transformed their abusive relationships, grown in their career, have become better mother, father, husband etc. They have been able to understand their children well and thereby devised better strategies to bring out the best from them. People have reported having gained respect and rapport in their work domain.  In a nutshell following are the areas where you will get benefitted –

  • Knowing the intrinsic and extrinsic qualities of the Panch-tattvas
  • Increased awareness towards vibrations of the Panch-tattvas
  • Able to take better decisions depending on knowing the dominant element
  • Being aware of illnesses and imbalances that can affect you
  • Ability to connect to the elements and draw their raw energies
  • Ability to handle relationships in a better way
  • Better understanding of daily rituals from the perspective of Panch-tattvas & how to use Tattvas for specific purpose
  • Meditate upon & derive positive qualities from each Tattva
  • Ability to balance the elements according to energy meridians/marma points
  • Become a versatile, successful, in-control person

What is the path Forward

Application of knowledge gained in the Panch-Tattva Bodha  workshop is for lifetime. You can lead a fulfilling time using this wisdom however the impact of the Panch-Tattvas or Five Great Elements in our lives goes far beyond achieving just material abundance, vibrant health and great relationships. Once you experience the power of Tattvas in your life you may want to do more with it. You can choose to take up Panch-Mahabhuta Shakti Kriya, learn Swar Yoga (Swar Vigyaan) and even decide to go for Tattva Shakti Vigyaan – The Discipleship Programme to formally get initiated in the Tantric path (where you use the power of 24 Tattvas) to attain true spiritual wisdom and self-realization.

To register for Spiritual Learning Programs
write to us at shakti.multiversity@gmail.com

* ‘The Power of Five Elements’ workshop is Open To ALL


Healing with earth

The Earth element
Earth element: Powerhouse of Prana Shakti

Sometime or other everyone must have experienced the soothing and rejuvenating properties of earth element (Prithvi Tattva) during having a stroll in a garden or just sitting on the fresh green grass. Nature is filled with Prana Shakti, the life giving energy. We are continuously taking those energies from the nature, although not so consciously. But we all know this for sure that we just love it when we are in contact with nature. And always try to go to a some hill station or beach to rejuvenate ourselves. Right?

Earth is our compassionate patient mother.

A mother is always forgiving and caring towards her children. Earth the supporting mother for the whole human kind although facing so much abuse from her children does not stop loving them, continuously providing them with all that they need for a healthy living. Every time as I walk on the soft grass, I be completely aware that I am walking on my mother and she is lovingly supporting me. This awareness fills my being with joy and stability. How beautiful and joyous it is to know the Mother tree huggingEarth, as she starts a conversation. Asking me to be filled with compassion and forgiving towards each and every being. I many times ask people in my workshops what comes to their mind when I say Earth. Seldom I get to listen Mother! It is just because we have trained to see the elements as just supporters not as living entities, which actually they are. Even though man heaps mountains of waste and pollution on Mother Earth, she gives valuable minerals and food without which man could not survive. We learn that for all the abuse, criticism and negativity we receive from world, we should give benefit of our spiritual essence and loving forgiveness

Mother Earth is waiting patiently for her children to get aware of her presence and have a conversation with them.

Hug a tree!

Have you ever hugged a tree. If no, then you have missed something magical in your life. Just let go all your apprehensions and go to a nice big tree, show your gratitude towards it for providing oxygen so that you live and fruits so that you live healthily. It is such a marvelous experience. In fact, hugging a tree is scientifically proven to improve health.

How to hug a tree:

Its always good to ask for a permission from the tree. You can ask out loud if you don’t care what others will think or just in your head. Just ask “Can I hug you?” If you feel good after asking and not creepy, just go ahead.

Wrap your hands around the tree as far as you can. Close your eyes and just feel the tree. Feel the warmth, the energy moving from the tree into you. Feel the roughness of the bark. breath deeply and be completely in a moment. Just 5 minutes and you are going to feel awesome after that

Meditating with Earth

Our habits do not let us make strong connections with Earth element. Although we can feel this strong connection and start a conversation with it easily.

Stand bare feet and firmly on green grass or moist soil. Take few deep breaths and relax completely. Now feel the flow of energy moving up from your right leg. The stable earthly energies are entering inside you through your right feet and rises up.

Place your feet firmly on ground
Place your feet firmly on ground

The energies move thorough your chakras, till your throat chakra and reaches your third eye. The energy now starts moving down and reaches throat chakra then to your heart chakra, solar plexus, sacral chakra and root chakra. The energy now enters your right leg and flowing along the right leg, the energy enters back into the earth through your right feet. The energy brings stable and peaceful energies into you and takes away your indecisiveness and fickle thoughts. This is a very simple but a wonderful exercise. You will be filled with lot of positive energy after this exercise and feel complete in all levels. The energy fills up all the energy gaps in your energy body, healing it completely. It would be great if you can do this exercise once a week.

The stable earth

The stability and strength of  Earth element is felt when we walk safely and carefree on it. This is something not many have thought about when walking on

The Earth element

the patient Earth. Earth element comprises of all the elements. It is considered to be basis and foundation of all the elements. It is called upon when our life misses the security factor, when things happen, relationships bloom and jobs secured but only to loose them soon.

Everything seem to have a short  life span. The Earth element stabilizes that very much needed component. No doubt that Earth element corresponds to Root Chakra. The chakra which associated with security, foundation and self image.

Your body, the physical body is actually perceived as it is due to this element. It is just so easy to connect to it but we seldom do so. Have got touched a tree lately or just sat of cool green grass, to know that the nature is just all around ready to connect and mix within us. Earth is viewed as mother who is nurturing and caring. Earth is like a support that gives nourishment and shelter. Earth is fertile and full of life blossoming from it.

Earth is the element which when enters the relationship to bind it in commitment and give it a social name. Earth comes in life to give it a meaning and tie a wandering ship securely to its anchor, but too much of it may never let the ship move and it may tend to forget its really meaning and goal.

TSV says the Earth element within us can become a source to connect to all elements within. According to Vedic knowledge all the elements are within the Earth element and all the element rise from Space element.

To know about your elements is very vital. It will help understand the underlying cause  and basic reality of every situation of your life. Balancing the elements workshop help you gain an deeper insight in your life from the point of view of element. Elements that are the building blocks of this universe, so when you deal with them you deal in the most direct way.