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Food habits and Kundalini Awakening!

Will egg consumption lead to stop Kundalini awakening?



Dear Nanje,

Kundalini awakening as per classical systems of Yoga do require you to maintain a sattvic lifestyle that includes keeping our thoughts, behaviour, food and attitude under persistent awareness. Most of popular systems ask for it albeit it depends which path or way your teacher has chosen for you because some systems such as Aghora and Kaula etc. make judicious and ritualistic usage of things such as meat, alcohol etc. Nevertheless these things are used only as part of certain processes rather than the careless inclusion of such tamasic elements in daily living.

Those who claim that food habits have nothing to do with your kundalini miss the critical and healthy balance of ida and pingla. As spontaneous (at the moment of the event) equilibrium of Surya and Chandra Nadia is mandatory for the event to commence and progress without causing any deformation in the psyche and prana body of the practitioner. Keep in mind that this balance is obtained through strict discipline on all fronts that does include food you eat.

Keeping awareness on all the aspects of life by a seeker of truth always pays in long run. However I will once again advise you to consult your teacher in this regard.


-Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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