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Dharana- The power of concentration

“In   the   beginning   of  meditation,   lights  of  various colours, such as red, white, blue, green, a mixture of red and green lights, etc., appear in front of the forehead. They are Tanmatric lights. Every Tattva has its own hue. Prithvi Tattva has yellow colour. Apas Tattva has white colour. Agni has red colour. Vayu has green colour. Akasa had blue colour. The coloured lights are due to these Tattvas only.
Sometimes a big sun or moon, or lightninglike flashes appear in front of the forehead during meditation. Do not mind these appearances. Shun them. Try to dive deep into the source of these lights.
Sometimes Devas, Rishis, Nitya Siddhas will appear in meditation. Receive them with honour. Bow to them. Get advice from them. They appear before you to help and give you encouragement. 
In the beginning of meditation and concentration you will see in the centre of the forehead a resplendent, flashing light. This will last for half or one minute and then disappear. The light will flash either from above or sideways. Sometimes a sun of 6 inches or 8 inches in diameter with or without rays will be seen. You will see the form of your Guru or Upasya-Murty also.
When you get glimpses of the Self, when you see the blazing light, when you get some other extraordinary spiritual experiences, do not fall back in terror. Do not give up the Sad-hana. Do not mistake them for a phantom. Be brave. March boldly with joy”  says Swami Sivananda in one of his articles on Meditation.


Everyone, who has ever tried to meditate knows how difficult it is to bring this dragon of mind under one’s slight control, what to talk of experiences. Majority of the first timers in meditation are so bogged down by this phenomenon called mind that they think it’s better to go fishing or listen to a soothing piece of music rather than sit in lotus posture on a meditation mat to tame this invisible nuisance-creator – The Mind.

Mind’s ways are peculiar and who understands that better than the eastern mystics and Yogis who not only deeply studied the patterns of the erratic mind but also discovered wonderful ways to bring this mind to its legitimate stature of a Servant!

This 3 Hr programme on Dharana gives you clearer understanding of the techniques you can use to control your mind better.

Can’t Concentrate BUT YOU CAN Meditate!

In fact There are two diagonally opposite methodologies adopted by the eastern Masters to tame the devil – One has its roots in Yoga and the other in Tantra. Although there are stark differences in these two yet somewhere Tantra has liberally and successfully integrated the static and dynamic ways of meditation and therefore Dharana is synonymous with ‘Meditation’ in Tantric scriptures.

A common student of Patanjali Yoga knows a sequence that places concentration before meditation. This translates to – If you can’t concentrate you can never be able to meditate. This is perfectly true but since ways of minds are innumerable hence there are other ways to meditate for sure. Did you hear me saying ‘You can surely skip practice of concentration to be able to enter meditation?’ Yes! This is exactly the point.

Dharana – Using the Power of Mind!

‘Mind over matter’ is a very common phrase.  A strong and controlled mind is capable of healing chronic and life threatening diseases. But this same mind, when not in control can become the biggest obstacle when one tries to practice meditation. A Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioner knows how delicately the mind is placed in the cosmological map of existence that is the 36 Tattvas. The mind is the origin of Jnanendriyas (Sense organs) , which further form the karmendriya (Action organs), from which originate the Tanmatras (Subtle organs) and finally the Panch Mahabhutas (material elements) are formed. The mind itself originates from Buddhi (Intellect) and if we trace the map towards its origin, we come to know about Ahankara (Ego),  Pakriti(Nature), Purusha (Individual soul) Maya(Illusion),  the five Kanchukas( the five limitations) and the five Shuddha Tattvas (Pure Elements)  and reach right till the Shiva Tattva (Pure Consciousness). The mind has the capability to move in any direction, but we mostly find it attracted towards material side as it becomes stronger when it enters into the cycle of formation. While moving towards the Pure Consciousness makes the mind lose its identity and is certainly not an easy journey for it. When you have control over your mind and can focus and concentrate on anything you wish for long period of time, it means you have perfected the practice of Dharana. The Dharana in itself converts into meditation, triggering the journey towards Pure Consciousness. You will be given practices to calm the continuous chatter of mind and perfect your concentration in the Dharana Workshop. So that the art of keep mind over matter is achieved.

Dharana Workshop & Its Contents

Since the practice of concentration is not possible unless the activity involved is of interest you would be given some utterly simple but effective ‘Active-Handles’ to gain the firm grip over your mind and loads of useful information on how mind works that you would love to put to test.

It is Knowledge cum Practical Workshop by our beloved Master Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath.  Following are the contents in brief –

  • What is mind – A Master or Slave
  • Brief introduction to Nadis & their impact on Mind
  • How Prana Fuels the mind – Useful tips on it!
  • Replacing Control with Awareness
  • Emotion as an Active Handle
  • Perfection before Manifestation
  • Practicing Dharana in daily life
  • Takeaway Practices

Duration & Mode of Delivery

It is a 3 Hour LIVE Interactive Workshop taken on Skype Session by  Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath.

More info & How to register?

For Registrations and more information on this programme –
Drop a mail on shakti.multiversity@gmail.com


Tantra, Vedanta and Tattva Shakti Vigyaan

Journey towards consciousness
|| Exploring consciousness ||

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Can Tattva Shakti Vigyaan help in further deepening my spiritual experiences?

||  Tattva Shakti Vigyaan – Level I ||

Hello Master,

I am Vitish from Pune. I started feeling emptiness in life since 2007 and I did many things and I guess finally it has led me here. I have been meditating for about 11 months now and have done art of living courses. I have also done couple of sessions of Past and Present life regression as there have been pretty serious problems in my life since childhood.  I came across your site through internet search. I want to know how TSV will help me more than what I am doing now. I am new to this and would like if you would explain me in detail. Hoping to receive your reply soon.


Beloved Vitish,

I understand what makes a person spiritual – Just like you most of the people turn spiritual while facing a rough patch in life. It gets really difficult to handle a heartbreak, loss of job, loneliness etc. Sometimes it is that strange feeling of void within even after achieving all material success. When anxiety strikes, in that moment of panic and desperation they look around for spiritual solutions and grab what appeals to them the most or is easily available at their door-step or at best nearby. In fact I have seen that most of such people land up doing some well-popularized, most discussed, talk of the town type courses or therapies. But one must understand – spiritual journey which is started in your low times is mostly aimed for attaining normalcy in life.. in better words – it is one’s desperate attempt to get back to ‘Life’ again!

I have my own way of making people learn how to sail through life and rejoice its every moment. Its neither acceptance nor struggle. It is not indulgence or dispassion either. It is not even that unconcerned state of being which is said to be “saakshi bhaav” or witnessing. I say – Life is for living and being in it with 100% of your energies and interest while exploring those unknown layers of your being within. And thus spirituality is not a capsule course, a workshop, a breathing technique or initiation – it is The Way. And that way should allow unfolding of your hidden potentialities. A true path should lead to development of your abilities and must create that unceasing interest in “your own self’ which sets you on the wonderful, untiring journey of self-exploration and experimentation.

Tattva Shakti Vigyaan – is “The Way of Creation”. That creation is called universe or brahmaand: You and I, your neighbour, pets, plants, trees,  oceans, earth, planets, elements… whatever you can and can not lay your finger on, whatever you can think or imagine of…  this visible universe, its unseen-unexplored realms outside, your body, mind, energies, even these thoughts which are echoing in your mind, the light of understanding & knowledge in your being are all part of this creation. There is so much to explore and know about out there but if we fail to realize and understand those principles which keeps all this together we miss the point altogether. Masters say “To experience that center of your being where from your life originates is the purpose of this life.” TSV is about that path which takes you towards that center of your being.

Before you commit yourself to any spiritual practices – be sure if that is a Path, a road, a track towards the destination towards your core of being or just an arrangement or technique to make you feel comfortable with the outer world. People turn towards spirituality because they want to be healed, get rid of their pains, improve their relationships, finances and health… but think again because once these issues will get resolved what remains to be attained? Solution oriented spirituality is business of marketplace. Authentic spirituality begins only with the quest of true knowledge – and ends when you dissolve in that knowledge.

Tattva Shakti Vigyaan (TSV) is a systematic (it has 5 levels) spiritual approach which assists you in experiencing the Truth. It is that path which take cares of your all purushaartha i.e. Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha (Virtuous living, Financial aspect, Fulfillment of desires and self-realization). It takes you from gross to subtle and subtler to subtlest  in steps. The first level on this Path is known as “Tattva Shakti Vigyaan”.

“Tattva Shakti Vigyaan” Level – I initiation –

  • Makes you realize how many hidden capacities your body has.
  • How you can connect to different elemental energies in this universe.
  • Teaches you How to balance elemental energies in your body so that you develop a strong vehicle for your spiritual journey.
  • It makes you understand that your “Nature” is controlled by which energies you draw from external nature.
  • Cleanses your emotional baggage and clears your mind.
  • It teaches how to communicate your desires to Elemental Energies so that they can fulfill it.
  • It cleanses & strengthens your Nadi-System which will later be responsible for transmitting Kundalini energy.
  • It balances your energy dynamics and also unclogs your energy channels.
  • It removes your hindering vibrations so that your meditating experience becomes truly blissful and not like a relaxation session.
  • It makes your relationship with yourself and others free-flowing and pleasant.
  • It improves your overall efficiency and makes you energetic and enthusiastic.

You must be thinking if all this happens in the level – itself what is left for other four levels to comes? And the answer is “A lot more!”


– Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath