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Applied Wisdom of Saundarya Lahiri – by Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

With permission of our beloved master, Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath we are placing the excerpts of a discourse that he delivered on the topic of Saundarya Lahari Sadhana for the benefit of every seeker. Read on..


Saundarya Lahiri sadhana in Tantric system is a means to attain the highest spiritual experience i.e. pratyaksha darshanam of Devi in all her grandeur and glory. If you aspire for that kind of experience then you MUST be initiated in Tantric discipline. Once initiated as and when you become capable your Guru shall allow this sadhana and also tell you some secret keys of this. A Tantric practitioner is supposed to takes up ANY sadhana ONLY with the Guru’s permission. 

But those of you who are not initiated should not get disheartened because you can equally benefit from it.. gain higher wisdom, material wealth, perfect health… great relationships and much more just by rendering the chanting of different verses to the Mother divine in prescribed manner. So.. Irrespective of your status of initiation or deeksha Your connecting with Shakti shall grant you all the resources, powers and toys needed for leading a comfortable and engaging life. I think that is what most of you have come for. (Smiles)

In fact this very first verse of Saundarya Lahiri can be said to be a Kalpa-Vriksha or wish-granting tree. It is oozing with power to fulfill ALL YOUR DESIRES FOR OBJECTS. Everyone who seeks fulfillment of one’s material desires can use this verse for obtaining divine mother’s grace. Within this verse there are concealed and coded vibrations of the panchakshari  mantra i.e. Shiva’s Mantra and also the maha-mantra of SriVidya that is called Panchdasi Maha-Mantra -Vidya. Since none of you are yet inducted in these mantras I shall not be uttering the mantras. I hope soon all of you shall progress and become eligible for initiation into SriVidya..

SO… now let’s look at the first  verse of this great mantra-stuti.. it is:

                                          || Sanudarya Lahiri – Verse 1 ||

As I told this shloka is a boon-granting, wish fulfilling energy… this energy or Shakti is contained in its specific sounds. It is chanted to remove the obstacles from our life. It is also used in getting the desired objects in our life. Like every other shloka of Saundarya Lahiri this shloka is also reverberating and overflowing with energy. So You shall need a Yantra to hold it. Some of you have already been introduced to the concept of Symbology and Mandalas by Ma Shakti Devpriya ji.. so you know what a Yantra does. This verse uses a specific Yantra. Most briefly explained….  Yantras and mandala have a mysterious quality that they can store the generated energies during the worship or practice and then they can also reflect it back to the worshiper. This reflected energy has a transforming effect on the practitioner. It is for THIS PURPOSE a mandala or Yantra is used otherwise your energies dissipate without creating any impact. OK?

Now I shall be drawing the mandala…

Have a look.

There are two yantras that can be used in your prayoga..

The most popular one is this… (draws a yantra)

Another Yantra I am drawing now… (draws another yantra)

This Yantra shall be made on an elevated platform. You can use a big round plate what we call thali for it. The material used in drawing this particular mandala is red coloured rice-flour.

Now let me first share the practices for those who are not initiated in Tattva Shakti Vigyaan. Take a beautiful photograph of Mother MahatripuraSundari. The picture should be such that you love and feel great to look at… Not just any picture. Get that framed and place it at your sadhana place. The day you place this picture at your puja place you shall be offering ‘Panchopachaara‘ to this divine mandala (picture) of Devi. Since that day every morning and evening you shall continue with this panchopachara for the days your chanting continues. Ideally you should continue offering panchopachara even after your prayoga is over. After all you have now invited and installed Mother – The creator and ruler of Cosmos at your place!

What is panchopachara? If you do not understand what is panchopachara then do not worry.

These are simple humanly offerings made to the object of reverence such as a Yantra, Idol or Mandala… believing them to be a living entity… rather more like a living being. So you offer water for bathing, offering fragrant sandal paste for anointing, offer vermilion or turmeric for smearing on devi’s forehead, offer flowers to show your respect, light up fragrance and a deepam. Finally you offer something to eat.. generally something sweet is offered followed by water offering. That is it!

The same ritual shall be followed with the Yantra you shall make everyday. Looks simple…??  It is!!! But you should remember it is a ritual mandated only to cultivate the required attitude of reverence and forge a connect with saguna swaroopa of Primordial Shakti in the form of Mother Goddess MahatripuraSundari. Therefore it can not be done mechanically… there should be this feeling of Shakti – The Mother Goddess being there in the Yantra to receive your offerings. In a nutshell the more you feel Devi’s personal presence in your rituals more effective and successful your Prayoga will be.  Right?

Now listen to the exact sequence in which you shall be doing this chanting. Please keep in mind this method is for those who do not have ‘deeksha’. For dixits (initiated ones) I shall discuss after this..

  1. After taking bath wear clean clothes.
  2. Sit facing east (for this particular prayoga) at the specified place. Preferably on a red woolen blanket (asani).
  3. Light up a deepam (vertical wick) of clarified butter (ghee). Preferably cow’s ghee should be used.
  4. Now make the perfect shaped Yantra on the elevated platform with red flour of rice (for that mix the powdered rice with red color)
  5. Invite Mother to assume her seat in this Yantra. Offer panchopachara to the Yantra with love and reverence. Keep the offerings little away from Yantra and take care while you make offerings especially water as if that gets sprinkled upon the Yantra it might distort its shape. A distorted or disfigured yantra should not be used in any circumstance.
  6. Visualize Devi accepting your offerings.
  7. Convey the object of your desire or the obstacle you want to win over to the mother.
  8. Now chanting of this first shloka begins.

I repeat the chanting for you..

9. You are supposed to chant this shloka minimum of 108 times. (You may use rosary beads to keep the count).

10. Once your chanting gets over make a prayer submitting your being to mother with folded hands. Request Devi to accept your energies and bhava and bless you with your desired object.. Thank her and request her to leave for her heavenly abode.

11. Sprinkle some water below your asana and offer namaskaram to king of gods Indra and pick up that water with your finger and rub it to your forehead.

Always remember that Shakti can not be manipulated forcefully and therefore even if you are provided with every tool for your prayoga or application you shall have to be humble and in the receiving mode.

Precautions you should take –

  1. Always take permission from your Guru. Share your intentions of doing the prayoga and request for permission.
  2. You MUST share the tithi (date and time) of your starting the prayoga in advance.
  3. No one should be physically present while Prayoga. Neither watching over of this process by anyone is allowed.
  4. If you are chanting only 108 times then this chanting should be done for 120 days. The ONLY other possible combination is 10×108 times per day for 12 consecutive days. I don’t think you will have that much time at your disposal. So.. my suggestion would be that you take up chanting of 108 times on a day.
  5. Best time for this sadhana is night however you can choose any convenient time but the rule is maintain that same timing everyday for four months.
  6. Keep everything you need during Prayoga within your reach. Once you get seated for chanting you should not leave the seat without completing the number of counts decided. In life-threatening situations around (or any such emergency) you can terminate your sadhana prematurely but then all your previous counts go in vain. For example if you started 10 days ago and on 11th day you had to terminate your prayoga prematurely without completing 108 (or 10×108) chants. All your counts so far become null and void. In that case you should give yourself a break and do not continue your sadhana. Start afresh, requesting for obstacle free passage through prayoga.
  7. Ensure deepam keeps lit up during entire chanting… till the end. If deepam is put off due to any reason your sadhana is said to be khandit.. or interrupted.  The same rules apply here also.. means your sadhana done so far will become null and void.
  8. You completely abstain from sex and sexual stimulating material or activities during the entire period of sadhana. Keeping an attitude of reverence towards opposite sex is desirable.
  9. During this sadhana consumption of alcohol and meat etc is not allowed.  Stay vegetarian.
  10. One of the most important precaution is to stay away from anger. But even if you get angry due to any reason you are not supposed to raise your voice in spat of anger. Such a behaviour creates havoc around you and also leaks your energies.
  11. Finally… You should not throw any articles like flower, burnt wick, dust or ashes of Dhoopam etc. that are used in Puja here and there indiscriminately.  Never throw these things in dustbin. The best way is to dig a pit and bury those items (nirmaalya) there. Avoid disposing Nirmaalya in rivers/water bodies either as that causes water pollution.

At the end.. Let me clarify… Especially for those who are not initiated in Tantra or Tattva Shakti Vigyaan  ‘Bhava’ or the attitude is extremely important. A childlike innocence and enthusiasm during chanting is the key. Like a child you should feel that you are secure in the assuring and protective company of the Divine Mother. You should know within that ‘She’ is your mother and she is listening to you.  It is with this Bhava you should conduct your chanting and japa. … then… you shall reap the immediate benefits invariably. Of course absolutely correct pronunciation should be learnt and be maintained during the chanting!

Hope you all shall surrender your false ego at the lotus feet of the Beautiful Goddess of the Three Worlds and receive Her grace.”

Acharya ji further gave some more instructions on the subject –

For the higher practitioners (Krama initiates) all of the above rituals are going to be completely different. These are more elaborate and would require more precision… because you will be given beeja mantras for these verses. So you shall require personal guidance on this sadhana. You already know that more than your own efforts Gurumandala’s blessings do the magic for you. Here in these rituals also you shall be invoking Gurumandala and carrying out protection rituals as the first few things. You shall be using the personal mantra (that is given during your ‘deeksha’) as well. For the rest of period (when you are not engaged in prayoga) practice of ‘samyama’ and ‘witnessing’ is the key for receiving grace of mother.

Jai Ambe Shri!

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Shakti is a divine principle. She operates in its own freedom. It can not be made to change its ways. She has been worshipped and hailed since time immemorial. In Satyuga Devas pleased her to manifest her magnificent form that won over the asuras and blessed them with their kingdom and rights.

Treta Yuga saw Shri Rama worshipping Shakti to obtain the grace of Hers to be able to win over Ravana. Sita worships the Shakti in her Gauri form and receives Shri Rama as her husband through her blessings. In Dwapara Yudhishthira approaches Shakti in her Kameshwari form and gets assured of his win over Kauravas.  Of all forms of Shakti the power of Kameshwari is truly so overwhelming. Unlike many of her other manifestations this one has particularly soothing and gentle one…

नमस्ते परमेशानि ब्रह्मरुपे सनातनि । 
सुरासुरजगद्वन्द्दे कामेश्वरि नमोsस्तु ते ॥ १ ॥ 
न ते प्रभावं जानन्ति ब्रह्माद्यास्त्रिदशेश्वराः । 
प्रसीद जगतामाद्ये कामेश्वरि नमोsस्तु ते ॥ २ ॥ 
अनादिपरमा विद्या देहिनां देहधारिणी । 
त्वमेवासि जगद्वन्द्ये कामेश्वरि नमोsस्तु ते ॥ ३ ॥ 
त्वं बीजं सर्वभूतानां त्वं बुद्धिश्चेतना धृतिः । 
त्वं प्रबोधश्च निद्रा च कामेश्वरि नमोsस्तु ते ॥ ४ ॥ 
त्वामाराध्य महेशोsपि कृतकृत्यं हि मन्यते । 
आत्मानं परमात्माsपि कामेश्वरि नमोsस्तु ते ॥ ५ ॥ 
दुर्वृत्तवृत्तसंहर्त्रि पापपुण्यफलप्रदे । 
लोकानां तापसंहर्त्रि कामेश्वरि नमोsस्तु ते ॥ ६ ॥ 
त्वमेका सर्वलोकानां सृष्टिस्थित्यन्तकारिणी । 
करालवदने कालि कामेश्वरि नमोsस्तु ते ॥ ७ ॥ 
प्रपन्नार्तिहरे मातः सुप्रसन्नमुखाम्बुजे । 
प्रसीद परमे पूर्णे कामेश्वरि नमोsस्तु ते ॥ ८ ॥ 
त्वामाश्रयन्ति ये भक्त्या यान्ति चाश्रयतां तु ते । 
जगतां त्रिजगद्धात्रि कामेश्वरि नमोsस्तु ते ॥ ९ ॥ 
शुद्धज्ञानमये पूर्णे प्रकृतिः सृष्टिभाविनी । 
त्वमेव मातर्विश्वेशि कामेश्वरि नमोsस्तु ते ॥ १० ॥ 

Sri Kameshwari Stuti by Yudhishthira

Many times seekers are confused over this question – ‘In which roopa she should be approached, connected with and worshipped?’ Sometime out of ignorance a sadhaka starts thinking of supremacy of Her one form over another. There are as many forms of Her as you may imagine and billions of other forms which we as a human are not capable of imagining.  Shakti sadhana is different than Bhakti Sadhana because here you make your intentions clear in terms of your personal need. She is capable of bestowing everything upon her sadhakas. Also She presents herself in the form of your choice.  Whatever way She manifests in your life it is sure way of empowering you always if not liberating (depending on your choice).
Each one of us are looking out for Shakti and what better way can it be to approach the Divine Mother through Saundarya Lahari in the benign company of Master. It is definitely a sadhana which can be taken up by everyone alike.

May you all be blessed with light of wisdom.

Blessings from Masters,

– Ma Shakti

Worshiping Ma Brahmcharini on second day of Navratri

ॐ देवी ब्रह्मचारिण्यै नमः॥


On the second day of the nine auspicious days of Navratri is devoted to Goddess Ma Brahamcharini. Ma Brahmacharini is the epitome of sacrifice, tapasya and severe penance and the same gets reflected in her swaroopa.

Here the word “Brahma” means “penance” and “tapa” Brahmacharini means one who performs tapasya. She is also known as tapasyacharini. Ma Brahmacharini is depicted as beautiful maiden, she holds rosary in right hand and Kamandalu in her left hand. Rudraksha is her most adorned ornament.This comic form of Divine Goddess is illuminated, magnificent and tranquil.

The story of Ma Brahmacharini, shows us how Ma Parvati did a hard penance to gain love of Lord Shiva. In her last birth, Ma Brahmacharini was born as Sati, daughter of Daksha Prajapati and Prasuti. When Sati grew up, she had a natural fondness and love for Lord Shiva. Although Daksha was not very happy but still got Sati and Lord Shiva married. Daksha had felt a deep insult when Lord Shiva, did not touch feet of Daksha on an occasion. To get revenge, Daksha arranged a very big Yagna, in which he invited all gods and godesses but did not invite Lord Shiva and Sati. When Sati came to know about the Yagna, she made up her mind to go to the Yagna, against the wish of Lord Shiva. She said that she had all the right to go to her own house and did not need any invitation. When Sati reached the palace of Daksha, she was shocked and deeply hurt by continuous insult that Daksha inflicted for her and Lord Shiva. Sati was angered and burnt herself by her own yogagni. Sati was then born as Parvati to Himalaya and Maina.

Further, Parvati was guided by  Devrishi Narad to do penance to get Lord Shiva as her husband. Parvati born as princess, renounced all the comforts of the palace and moved into dense forests to do her penance to beget Lord Shiva as her husband. For one thousand years, she survived eating only roots, for three thousand years survived only on branches. For thousands of years she slept under open sky even in heavy rains and scorching sun. Then, for three thousand years she ate only belpatra leaves that had fallen on ground. then, she finally gave up eating and drinking water completely. As she had also left eating leaves, she was also known as “Aparna”

This hard penance took toll on her body, and her body was reduced to just a skeleton. Seeing this hard penance there was outcry in all the three lokas. All munis, rishis, siddhas and devtas appreciated her and asked Brahma to give her a boon. Lord Brahma then did Akashawani (celestial announcement)  “No one has ever done such hard penance like you. Only you are capable of doing it. This divine supernatural penance of yours is appreciated in every direction and loka. Your desire will come true. Chandramauli Lord Shiva will become your husband. Now you can stop your penance and move back to your palace” We see Ma Brahmacharini not as weak and frail but a young, unmarried woman who is ever in bliss because of Lord shiva residing in her heart.

Ma Brahmacharini rupa (swaroopa) is said to fulfill all desires of sadhaks and devoted disciples. A person gains immense willpower and strength to overcome any problem in life. A Sadhak/sadhika gains detachment, patience and ability to sacrifice. A Sadhak does not get disheartend by challenges coming in his/her Sadhana. Planet Mangal is governed by Ma Brahmacharini, so praying to her and offering her red things bring lots of fortune.

Ma Brahmacharini is Swadhisthana Shakti. Swadhisthana (Navel) Chakra is also the abode of Jala Tattva (Water Element). So on the second day of Navratri, Tattva Shakti Sadhak and Sadhika should first make Sankalpam and Guru Vandana and proceed to Jal Tattva Sadhana. Doing Jal Tattva Sadhana helps a Sadhak to get freedom from unwanted emotional bondage that block the path of spiritual growth and help a Sadhak flow smoothly in his/her Sadhana. Contemplating on Ma Brahmacharini while doing Jal Tattva Sadhana (especially and only during 4 navaratris) helps the Sadhak in renouncing unnecessary desires and attachments. Ma Brahacharini also helps Sadhaks in their fasting and protects them from having any ill effects on their physical health due to fasting in these nine days.

या देवी सर्वभू‍तेषु माँ ब्रह्मचारिणी रूपेण संस्थिता। नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नमः॥

I bow down at the lotus feet of my Guru and Goddess and pray. “May you receive all the divine grace from Goddess in this New Year.”


– Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath

Six Lotus- Gates to receive Shakti


Journey towards consciousness
Journey towards consciousness

Our body is a temple and within it resides our soul. As everything is subject to change in this universe, so is our body. The body is like preparation ground for our soul. Our school of thought says when soul is reality then how can body not be real, in fact it is as real as soul. As the soul is true so is the body. It is this body that is the vehicle for the journey of soul. The soul is able to perform various actions, rituals and experience this outer world only when in this body. This body is the outlet of expression for the soul so if we do not have correct and complete knowledge of our body, many of our actions might not be bringing about desired results. Many of our experiences may not be correct especially many rituals (structured-actions during Sadhana) may not contribute in our journey as they should.

Master AD says “As we always keep temples clean from outside and inside, in the same way our body, which is the temple of the soul should be kept clean from both outside and inside. He further says ” Having daily bath and cleaning helps us keep clean from outside, but to cleanse within, you can start with small steps; refrain from unnecessary and worthless thoughts, books and pictures, keep good company and try to engage in positive talks and read spiritual books.”

Above subtle practices can help us start cleansing from within. Mind is the centre of consciousness in our body. There are many sub-centres too.  The mind is connected to all the sub-centres and this connection is possible through three main “Nadis” – Ida, Pingala and Sushmana. The energy connections in our whole body are steady with help of these Nadis. These three Nadis are known as “Shareer- Tritantri” (शरीर त्रितन्त्री)

Our body is like an inverted Sitar (a musical string instrument). Sitar has its resonator at the lower side while our body has it at the top. Our mind that is resonator of our body is placed at upper side. Pleasant music is produced by plucking the strings softly by a plectrum called mizraab, and sitar of our body can be played by impulsion of Life force energy (प्राण शक्ति). In the seven centres of our consciousness, there are 46 types of life-force-energies. These seven centres are:

1. Sahasraar (Crown Chakra) 2. Agnya (Third eye) 3. Vishuddhi (Throat) 4. Anaahat (heart) 5. Manipoora (Solar Plexus) 6. Swaadhisthaan (Navel/Sex centre) 7. Mooladhaar (base of Spine)

….. to be continued

Ma Shakti Devpriya


The Healing Salt

Salt has great healing properties.  I had made a practice of washing my hands with salt before I sit to heal myself or others.  Almost every healer be he from reiki, Pranic or any other school of healing will vouch for its effectiveness. They do it to rub off the negative energies from their hands. Salt used for healing practices is actually sea salt and not the table salt. The difference lies in the method of its formation. Sea salt is obtained by evaporating sea water. Table salt (Sodium Chloride) is refined from mined rock salt or refined from sea salt.

If you are tired after a long busy day. Take a tub of warm water and put at least two table spoons full of salt in it. Change into your night-dress so that you can sleep immediately after that. You will certainly have a rejuvenating sleep. dip your feet in the water. Close your eyes and take few deep breaths. Now imagine all your tiredness going into the water. It will not be so tough, as the salt in the water is already sucking the negative energies. Feel all the tiredness go in the water as black or grey smoke. When you feel cleansed, imagine white light entering your crown chakra. Fill every part, organ and cell with the white light. Remove your feet gently, dab them dry and apply some cream to it. Don’t forget to throw the water, before you sleep. Don’t let it stand for the whole night.

The five elements earth, air, fire, water and space have a  delicate balance in your body. Tattva Shakti Vigyan helps you to understand this balance and importance of every element. There are many methods to connect and balance the elements among which mudras and beej mantras are the most potent. This technique also helps in connecting to the earth and water element. As the low vibrations are released you feel emotionally stable and free from continuous thoughts. As the earth element is supporting water element here so the balancing of water element happens in a positive way. If you wish to add some fire element during the process you can light a candle while you are relaxing your feet in the water. Any method works when you get aware of the energy changes going around.

I find it very effective when I close my eyes and completely deepen the experience my mentally connecting to the element separately. All the Initiated TSV Practitioners can make this whole process elevating and special by using beej mantras for the elements. Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiates should note that such passive methods are no substitute for their original practices.. however they can benefit by augmenting through this.

To start the journey, the first step is to balance the elements. You can always start it by trying small tips I will be posting on this blog. When the elements are balanced you feel lighter physically and mentally both and thus ready for a spiritual plunge.