Jal Tattva (Water)

“Nectar of Life”  is Jal Tattva. Water element is in various forms around us as a  lake, creek, river or sea. Water in our body is in form of blood, sweat, and tears etc. In fact 90% of brain is water!

Jal Tattva

On a different level the Water element representsEmotion. The emotion in its flowing way, it may have various phases and many at times takes a turn totally unexpected. As the water sometimes is deep and dark, emotions can also be so. Water element when more in ones personality, makes the person emotional so much so that he/she may become a wet rag. But can we do without water, certainly not. Just as we can not live without love. Because water is love. Water is, the much needed element so that things just don’t dry up.

Water is female and when a element is female it is inwardly focused. Water has the power to overcome obstacles and that too with integrity. The basic qualities of water are healing, purifying, soothing and loving.

Imbalance in Jal Tattwa causes various psychological and physiological ailments. Excess of water element can be a cause to depression, insomnia and various mental worries. Physical ailments like creeking joints, arthtitis, muscle shrinkage, dehydration are also caused due to imbalanced Jal Tattva

Balanced water element gets things moving in your life and you experience free flows around; like financial and emotional flow in your life. Learn to Balance the element and let love, joy and understanding just flow in your life and relationships and that too without any effort.

Tattva Shakti Vigyan is entirely based on Vedic knowledge and helps you to understand and get aware of the elements within and around you. You learn to connect to the elements by various methods and balance them too!

Awakening the water element-

Connecting to “Jal Tattva” opens the pathways to connect to your loving and joyous being. The experiences are  astonishing when Water starts freely flowing in your life.  Water element has a special and a important place in our life. The element that makes a human more human. So the time to awaken the element is when you miss the important human element in you that is being emotional, sensitive and compassionate.We still have a big group of people around who miss this connection with self and with others. Read more

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