Agni Tattva (Fire)

Rising high passionately

As the bonfire rose higher, the mingling dance of fire and air element mesmerized everyone standing in the group which surrounded it. It was getting more beautiful by each passing moment, so stunning that it was difficult to take eyes off it. People were getting into trance, some sort of momentary stillness to appreciate its beauty but as an instructor I knew what instructions would keep participants moving… As the divine play of elementals intensified so were the practices and rituals to connect the fire element…

The element fire is not so evident but if you wish to create it, it can be created in a snap. When fire comes into its physical visible form, it is capable of consuming every other element. It is the only element in this universe which has such unique power. The other one is Shiva.. The Fire Element is in fact active in form and it can be creative and destructive both. Its creative energies can be enhanced when you become capable of limiting it. Just like by lighting a candle, a bonfire or using it as a cooking medium. But fire is much more than that. Tattva Shakti Vigyaan says every atom of our body and this universe is pervaded by fire and that’s why it is the one with great transforming abilities. We feel its destructive nature when it gets uncontrolled however destruction is not always contrary to growth. For example according to Hindu rituals dead bodies are burned, which helps fast transformation of the elements with the help of the fire and they are mixed into mother-nature that is from where they arise.

Fire element when in balanced state instills passion, creativity, motion, will power and sensuality in us. It is the Fire Element that can help you ward off the darkness in your life as its nature is brightness. Its inherent tendency is to rise, once you give it enough of air element to mingle with, it can break boundaries.  When its level increases in our being, we get over emotional or agitated. It may lead to lot of weeping or excess of anger.

In our physical body fire element is focused in the liver. Liver is considered to be the most hot organ as lot of metabolism takes place there. Fire element when gets out of place you may lose interest in your daily activities and don’t feel ambitious. Your sex life becomes mere activity rather than an act of expression of love and care. Life seems dull without any excitement because there is something inside you that has been changed and you wonder if it is something which is outside.

The workshop “TSV-21” helps you to find out which element is out of balance and it also teaches you time tested and extremely potent methods to balance and tame this otherwise very violent element. Be there!


TSV- A Sadhana to bring fulfillment at all the three levels- material, physical and spiritual