TSV Practitioners Click here

Since last many years TSV practitioners have been feeling the need of a forum where they could share their experiences, learn from other’s mistakes and also get motivated by observing others grow.

We understand that after initiation process one starts a journey in a completely unknown territory. One will be confronting many different experiences at times and every experience can become a stepping stone on one’s spiritual growth if know how is available to use it to one’s advantage. Sometimes one feels clueless at such times and it is that where this forum will be helpful.

This page is dedicated exclusively for answering Questions and queries of the participants of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan initiation sessions (Starting from Level – 1 to Level – 5 )

The activities here will be closely monitored to see your progress and guidance from Sacred Association Teachers will be made available to make your journey enjoyable & blissful.

Love and Light

Ma Shakti Devpriya


10 thoughts on “TSV Practitioners Click here”

  1. Dear Ma, TSV has actually made me a better person and now I feel more composed and balanced in my approach towards life. Sometimes I feel a strong urge of crying while doing Sadhana , why is it so Ma?

    1. Beloved Devyaani,

      Blessings from Masters..

      You are progressing well.. Keep your serving spirits alive. We know you are doing great job in managing Sacred Association day to day affairs.

      – Ach. A D A N

  2. Guruji/Maa,


    After 1 year of sadhana, at the initial stage I feel full of energy & confidence within me, TSV changes my life priorities, it shows me the path which is actually for me.Balancing of five elements by sadhana not only changes body chemistry but thoughts too.The experience is amazing it can’t express in words, really its beyond and beyond.

    -Puneet Vashistha

    1. Dear Puneet,

      It is your perseverance and discipline of Sadhana that has paid you so well.
      Blessings from Masters to you
      Ma Shakti Devpriya

  3. TSV Practices have changed my life! I am feeling so focused and confident in life now! Thank you so much for coming in my life!

  4. Dear Shakti Ma, I had a wonderful experiences with TSV, I request you to allow me to do Level 2. Do you feel I am prepared.

    1. Dear Sanjana, Shivoham

      I can understand your eagerness to move forward on your spiritual path. The right time is to be arriving soon. Keep your practices on and soon you will be getting your message from Guru Mandala.
      Love and Light
      Ma Shakti Devpriya

  5. Such immediate results! I am totally amazed, about what TSV Sadhana has done to me. Had no work for last 6 months and suddenly it is pouring in…Thanks a ton Ma

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TSV- A Sadhana to bring fulfillment at all the three levels- material, physical and spiritual