Boost your immunity through Solar Medicines!

The healing powers of Sun need no mention, in fact this very life on earth is supported and nurtured by the Sun. Sun is the original healing energy that is channelized in herbs and medicines.

In this ONLINE course Ma Shakti Devpriya ji has revealed many forgotten techniques that you can use to heal all your chronic and acute incurring zero cost on your treatment.

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Anulom Vilom- A practice that will help you overcome this difficult phase

The whole world is going through one of the most difficult times in the history of Modern history as Covid-19 continues to spread its terror. Everyone is surrounded by news of rising number of corona virus patients and also the increasing number of people succumbing to it everyday. Majority of people are locked into their houses and waiting for this black phase to end.

This is the time to show faith, patience and strength and it is when you have to develop your inner strength and spread the peaceful and positive energies around you. Let the fear not scar your mind and soul. This is a very important time to be aware and bring positive changes in your life. I recommend you to take up a simple breathing technique Anulom Vilom is your daily routine. Just do it twice a day, for ten minutes each. This practice will help you balance your mind and you will realize that you will feel more in control as anxiety loosens its grip.See the video below to learn Anulom Vilom.

The Shakti Multiversity volunteer teachers keep organizing free nadi shodhan workshops for you. If you wish to join the practice please drop us a mail on

Stay Home! Stay Safe! Stay Positive!

Neti Kriya in the times of Coronavirus : Life saving Tips!

The world is about to come to an end. Everything is gloomy. I do not think I will make it to another day. I feel listless, distraught and diseased. I am unable to concentrate and do anything worthwhile. I choke for air and feel like my system is about to shut down.
I speak from experience.
I am not talking of an apocalypse or an impending end. Neither I am suffering from coronavirus symptoms. I am talking about being down with Common Cold! Common cold is one of the few diseases which causes little harm but gives us a gloom and distress like the sky is about to fall!
Sneeze season is on. A heady mix of cold, pollen, pollution, temperature variation, breathing recycled air in a/c environs and low immunity ensure we fall prey to common cold or flu. Many with kapha constitution of their bodies are particularly prone to the malady. Then starts symptoms of body pain, headache, inflamed sinus and temperature. Is there a way to prevent this?
Every once in a while, we get hold of a tool/technique which is so easy to do and takes so less a time – that we seem to question, can it bring such great benefits?

Neti Kriya: The miracle in Hatha Yoga

The testing times are here and everyone is talking about hygiene. Social Hygiene, Hand Hygiene, Cough Hygiene etc. however no one literally seems to be talking about the nasal cavity hygiene. Apart from everything else one must clear and clean the nasal cavity to stop bacterial growth and clear foreign particles trapped in there to avoid any kind of infection and inflammation. We must do it at least once in a day. But How?
One such kriya from the system of Hatha Yoga that focuses on the cleaning and hygiene of nasal cavity is known as Neti.
Kriya name: Jala Neti
Kriya time: 2-3 mins
Prep time: 1-2 mins
Ingredients: Lukewarm water, common salt
Frequency: Once a day or as needed
Benefits: Numerous. Clears mucus, relieves sinusitis, prevents allergies, betters nasal hygiene, helps better air flow in pranayama. Provides relief in migraine, ear infections, asthma etc.
The process of neti involves passing mildly salted lukewarm water through one nostril such that the water comes out effortlessly from the other nostril. It requires holding the head at a certain angle so that water flow is smooth.

Few Neti pot designs to choose from in different materials
Even for those who look to the west to sanction our age old wisdom (the likes of those whose love for turmeric latte, i.e., our haldi doodh, knows no bounds now since its got a western twist!), there is good news. Neti, fashionably called Nasal Irrigation in the west, has got wide acknowledgement for its benefits in fighting allergies and relieving symptoms of sinusitis or even common cold! A google search might help enlighten you more.
Cutting it short, Neti is a pretty simple yet highly effective process for alleviating and preventing various respiratory problems and infections. It is an age old hatha yoga tradition (important to emphasize, lest someone in the west file a patent on the process and starts charging anyone who does the process!) and has stood the test of time.
It is ideal to learn it first time through an instructor or a sadhak who is trained in the process. However in these times of global lockdown giving it a try yourself is the only possible option. Be extra careful not to choke yourself while learning the process through DIY videos!


In these times when coronavirus is taking maximum number of lives on this planet and there being no vaccine or standard treatment available yet; So it is of utmost importance to take extreme caution while engaging in all yogic activities where certain fluids/materials are used like neti, basti, kunjal, Sutra-Neti, dhauti etc.  to ensure we do not accidentally intake the virus!
So, be warned in advance that doing Neti in unhygienic way you can put yourself at the risk of contracting coronavirus. If you are a regular Neti practitioner or planning to engage in this after hearing so much about it’s benefits please observe the following precautions.
Before you engage in Neti, it is recommended to wash your hand and face with soap and water because your hand or face/nose might have touched something infected and if you start your Neti without properly cleaning face/nose/hands it is going to be risky.
1. Avoid Plastic Neti pots – Disinfect before use!
It may be carrying the coronavirus. Coronavirus may survive on the dry surface of plastics more than 72 hrs. Whatever be the material of your Neti pot ensure to disinfect it by putting it in boiling water for 3-5 minutes before use.
2. Boil the Salt mixed Water that you use
You must add the appropriate quantity of salt in advance before putting the water to boil. Let it cool down to the lukewarm temperature and then use it. This is to ensure you don’t accidently use virus infested water)
3. Disinfect the Neti pot after Kriya
The pot (metallic) should be boiled for 3-5 minutes after completing your Neti. Leave it to dry in a clean place. It is better to disinfect it before and after every use.
4. Never share anyone else’s Neti Pot
The changed times have now made us to treat our Neti pot as our personal toothbrush. Just as you wouldn’t use anyone else’s toothbrush it is not recommended to use anyone else’s yoga tools. Use your personal items.
The same precautions must be observed in Sutra Neti.


If you find yourself at a loss to find someone to learn neti and should you need help learning the process, give a shout to The Shakti Multiversity <>. There are many certified Yoga instructors volunteering for us who can help you out with remote guidance. The Shakti Multiversity under the guidance of beloved Masters Ma Shakti Devpriya ji and Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath ji, has trained various sadhakas over years in the process who are spread across India and globally. The closest member can reach out and help anyone learn the kriya as a service to the divinity in you.
Keep yourself healthy, protect yourself from catching the coronavirus and stay safe..
This article was originally contributed by Niraj Mohan, a senior Triteeya Koti Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioner. The same is being reproduced by us under the guidance of Ma Shakti Devpriya ji who insisted on the need of highlighting the precautions to be observed in Neti Kriya during these times of #coronavirus outbreak.

Niraj Mohan serves in a Multinational company at the middle management level and is engaged in various charitable activities of The Shakti Multiversity. He also guides people in need through his astrological skills. For consultations you may contact him through his Facebook page.

Recipe of Kadha/Ukado for boosting immunity

Many people find themselves getting affected by cough, cold, mild fever, and flu-like symptoms during the change of seasons. In today’s times when everyone is feeling threatened by the pandemic of coronavirus even running nose, little coughing is making people panic. It is necessary for you, to learn to treat these minor conditions at home because for most of you even approaching a doctor for non-emergency cases would be difficult.  However, it should never mean to not stay vigilant and careful. Immediately consult your doctor if you get corona like symptoms.

This homemade kadha is going to be a great help you fight against cough, cold, fever, sore throat, stomach infection and indigestion etc. This is a purely ayurvedic remedy that can be made at home from the ingredients easily available in your kitchen. It is inexpensive and effective!

Even if you are not feeling any symptoms, make the kadha regularly at home and enjoy it hot. It will help boost your immunity and digestion.  The kadha can be a little spicy for some so you may add honey to it while drinking. If you are OK, you may put lemon juice in it to add flavour. You can enjoy it even without adding honey or lemon.

There are two categories of ingredients in it – essential and optional. Besides those herbs and spices that are clearly marked and mentioned in this recipe, you can also add other herbs and spices such as fennel seeds, lemongrass, Bay leaf (tez patta), curry leaves, cloves, a small piece of nutmeg etc. If you like you can use different combinations of herbs and spices for different flavors however remember turmeric (freshly ground or powder), ginger (freshly ground or dried powder) and black-pepper are essential.

It is always better to make your preparations in the night so that you can make kadha in the morning to be had after breakfast. Place the ingredients in a non-metallic pot add some water, then cover it with lid for 1 hour so that the flavors of the spices and herbs are nicely infused. You can have it twice a day i.e. in the morning after breakfast and after dinner.

Decoction (Kadha) Ingredients

(For the final preparation of 2 Normal-sized Tea Cups)

  • Turmeric Powder – 1 Teaspoon*
  • Ginger Powder – 1/4 Teaspoon*
  • Black Pepper Powder – 2 pinches*
  • Azawon – 4 pinches*
  • Cloves (crushed) – 2
  • Cardamom (crushed) – 1
  • Rock Salt – 2 pinches*
  • Honey – 1 Teaspoon
  • Tulsi Leaves (if available) – 4
  • Amrita or Giloy crushed bark (if available) – 3 inches long
  • Saffron (if available) – 2 strands
  • Lemon juice -1/8 part of a lemon in one cup

How to prepare

Soak all the spices (powder or freshly ground), and saffron in 3 cups of water for 40 – 60 mins. Pour these herbs along with the water (in which these spices were soaked) in a boiling pan. Keep boiling it till it’s quantity is reduced to almost 2 cups.

Add fresh Tulsi leaves, Rock-Salt and boil it for another 1 minute.
Keep two empty cups ready in which you have already added 1 teaspoon of honey (if you are diabetic and want to avoid honey then don’t add honey). Strain/Pour the boiling hot kadha in the cup. If you don’t want to chew leaves you may use the filter but it is better if don’t. Stir with a spoon to mix, if you have added honey or else add fresh lemon juice to taste. Sip it hot!

Drinking the kadha on regular basis will help beat the seasonal change and increase body immunity. It will help you get rid of seasonal fever, cough, cold, flu and indigestion as well.

Stay aware, Stay safe!

-Ma Shakti Devpriya

Defeat the Coronavirus – You can do it!

Its all about you!

A new Coronavirus by the name of COVID-19 is out in the open. People are still unsure of where it came in contact with humans and so the speculations continue. The first outbreak of it affected the province of Wuhan in China and thereafter this virus spread around the globe, as March 2020 ends there are almost 200 countries that are affected by it. Since this virus was first spotted in China therefore many countries have not hesitated to call it a ‘CHINESE VIRUS’. Some feel it is a deliberate Chinese conspiracy to create financial distress in the world and benefit from it and thus have kept COVID-19 under the category of biological weapons.


As a common man whether you believe the conspiracy theory or not but the threat of coronavirus is real. It is spreading like wildfire. As of now…

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अभी तो जीवन शेष है! कुछ साधन-चिन्तन करो ना..

yatha yogyam
रोगान शेषानपहंसि तुष्टा, 
रुष्टा तु कामान् सकलानभीष्टान्।
त्वांमाश्रितानां न विपन्नराणां,

त्वामाश्रिता ह्याश्रयतां प्रयान्ति।।


माँ भगवती की लीला देखो,  उस छोटे से ‘विषाणु कोरोना’ ने जिनको मज़हब या धर्म  से कोई ताल्लुक नहीं  उनको भी धार्मिक बना दिया। उन लोगों को भी सोचने पर मजबूर कर दिया जो मानते थे कि मनुष्य सर्वशक्तिमान है और जब चाहे, प्रकृति को अपने क़दमों के नीचे रौंद कर अपनी विजय-यात्रा पर आगे बढ़ता ही जायेगा। पर हुआ क्या ? उस माँ की प्रकृति का एक कटाक्ष और लगभग सारी दुनिया अब क़ैद है अपनी ज़द में… अपनी और अपनों की सलामती की दुआ मांगती हुई। सब कुछ थम सा गया है इस नीले ग्रह पर। जय अम्बे श्री!

वैज्ञानिक कहते हैं कि और सच भी यही है कि अभी तक इस जंगल की आग से भी ज़्यादा तेज़ी से फैलने वाली इस महामारी का कोई इलाज़ नहीं है उनके पास। कोशिश जारी है कि कोई वैक्सीन कोई टीका जल्द से जल्द खोज लिया जाये पर इसमें भी कम से कम एक साल का वक़्त लगेगा।  तो इसका मतलब ये निकला कि ज़िन्दगी डर-डर के जीना है अब.. क्योंकि घरों में अपने आप को बंद कर लेने से न तो ये बीमारी पूरी तरह से ख़त्म हो जाएगी और न इस विषाणु की ताक़त और फिर एक साल तक कैसे ये ‘सोशल डिस्टेंसिंग’ और ये सारे एहतियात करते रहेंगे सब। मतलब यह निकला कि वैक्सीन आने तक इस बीमारी से मरने के लिए तैयार रहें । ये घबराने की बात है पर गौर से देखो तो और भी बहुत सी चीज़ों का भी कोई इलाज़ कभी नहीं रहा हमारे पास। न तो कैंसर, एच आई वी, डेंगू, पार्किंसन, ल्यूपस , मधुमेह आदि जैसी गंभीर और न ही साधारण से जुक़ाम का भी कोई इलाज़ है अभी तक हमारे पास। क्यूँ अचानक ही हमें संभावित मृत्यु की आहट से इतनी व्यग्रता हो रही है? शायद इस लिए कि जिंदगी हम जी नहीं रहे थे, जीवन में दूर दूर तक आनंद की छाया भी नहीं प्रकट हुई। सिर्फ औरों से आगे निकलने के पागलपन में इधर-उधर भटक कर ख़ुद को सांत्वना दे रहे थे। उधार की ज़िन्दगी की किश्तें भरने में ही सांसों की पूँजी खर्च हो रही थी । इसलिए ही मौत सामने देख..  अब जीना चाहते हैं हम..  जय महाकाल!

जीने का प्रयास करना, उसके लिए लगातार सीखते रहना हमारा कर्त्तव्य है और हम करते भी रहेंगे, माँ की इच्छा से कभी सफल भी होंगे और कभी असफल भी। पर हम यदि उसअनंत शक्ति पर शासन करने की लालसा रखते हैं तो हम एक राक्षसी प्रयास ही कर रहे होंगे। यह सच है कि जीवन की रक्षा करना हमारा अधिकार है परन्तु हमें यह भी तो विचार करना चाहिए कि हम जीना किस लिए चाहते हैं? सिर्फ अपने आर्थिक और भौतिक सुख के पागलपन में अंधे होकर, अपने देश की अर्थ-व्यवस्था दुरुस्त रखने जैसे बेवकूफ़ाना कारण से इस सीमित प्रकृति का असीमित दोहन करने और इसे विषाक्त करने के लिए ? देश-सीमा-मज़हब, जाति, राजनीति के नाम पर, युद्ध और ज़िहाद के नाम पर दूसरे की जान लेने के लिए ? अपने ही ज्ञान से अपने सर्वनाश का सामान बनाने के लिए ? अपनी सोने, चांदी की लालसा में इस रत्नगर्भा धरती की कोख़ उजाड़ने के लिए ? दुनिया को अपनों और परायों में बाँट कर देखने के लिए? सिर्फ अपने और अपनों की रक्षा और पोषण नहीं बल्कि स्वाद के लिए समस्त जीव जगत को अपनी प्लेट में परोसने के लिए ? भोग,  अनियन्त्रित कामवासना के वशीभूत हो अमर्यादित आचार एवं मानसिक विक्षिप्तता सहने और केवल संततिवर्धन के लिए? विचार कीजिए  क्या हम यही सब करने के लिए जीना चाहते हैं, इन्ही कर्मो को करते हुए, इसी मूढ़ता, इसी राक्षसी प्रवृत्ति के मद के साथ अमर होना चाहते हैं? असंभव है यह! माँ भगवती , प्रकृति के रुप में अपने बच्चों को सही मार्ग और उछ्रंखल होने पर उनका सही स्थान अनन्तकाल से ही दिखाती आ रही है और आगे भी ऐसा ही होता रहेगा। यही नियम है और इसे स्वीकार करते ही एक और सार्वभौम सत्य साफ़ दीखने लगेगा, कि हममें जीवन जिस सार्वभौम, सर्वशक्तिमान सत्ता ने प्रकट किया है वह उसे जब चाहे नष्ट कर सकती है। जय अम्बे श्री!

रक्षांसि यन्त्रोग्रविषाश्च नागा,
यत्रास्यो दस्यु बलानि यत्र।
दावानलो यत्र तथाऽब्धि मध्ये,
तत्र स्थिता त्वं परिपासि विश्वम्।। 


अमरत्व का रस केवल सत्वगुण के पात्र में ही पिया जा सकता है अन्यथा कदापि नहीं। नवरात्रि का पर्व इसी तरह के प्रयास करने वाले महाबलशाली असुरों, महिषासुर, रक्तबीज, चण्ड-मुण्ड  जैसे राक्षसों का माता द्वारा संहार किये जाने पर प्रसन्नता और उल्लास प्रकट करने का त्यौहार है। धन्य हैं हम जो माँ की इस प्रकृति ने आज हमें यह विचार करने का अवसर भी दिया है कि कहीं हमारी प्रवृत्ति में ही तो महिषासुरी सत्ता नहीं पल रही?

तो फिर कीजिये विचार आज और अभी ; आह्वान कीजिये उस परमाशक्ति का जो इन आसुरी प्रवृत्तियों से मुक्ति प्रदान करने के लिए सदा ही आर्द्र चित्त है।

ॐ अस्य श्रीअर्गलास्तोत्रमन्त्रस्य विष्णुरृषिः, अनुष्टुप् छन्दः,
श्रीमहालक्ष्मीर्देवता, श्रीजगदम्बाप्रीतये सप्तशतिपाठाङ्गत्वेन
जपे विनियोगः ।
          ॐ नमश्वण्डिकायै

मार्कण्डेय उवाच ।

ॐ जय त्वं देवि चामुण्डे जय भूतापहारिणि ।
जय सर्वगते देवि कालरात्रि नमोऽस्तु ते  ॥ १॥

जयन्ती मङ्गला काली भद्रकाली कपालिनी ।
दुर्गा शिवा क्षमा धात्री स्वाहा स्वधा नमोऽस्तु ते  ॥ २॥

मधुकैटभविध्वंसि विधातृवरदे नमः ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ ३॥

महिषासुरनिर्नाशि भक्तानां सुखदे नमः ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ ४॥

धूम्रनेत्रवधे देवि धर्मकामार्थदायिनि ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ ५॥

रक्तबीजवधे देवि चण्डमुण्डविनाशिनि ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ ६॥

निशुम्भशुम्भनिर्नाशि त्रिलोक्यशुभदे नमः ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ ७॥

वन्दिताङ्घ्रियुगे देवि सर्वसौभाग्यदायिनि ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ ८॥

अचिन्त्यरूपचरिते सर्वशत्रुविनाशिनि ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ ९॥

नतेभ्यः सर्वदा भक्त्या चापर्णे दुरितापहे ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ १०॥

स्तुवद्भ्यो भक्तिपूर्वं त्वां चण्डिके व्याधिनाशिनि ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ ११॥

चण्डिके सततं युद्धे जयन्ति पापनाशिनि ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ १२॥

देहि सौभाग्यमारोग्यं देहि देवि परं सुखम् ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ १३॥

विधेहि देवि कल्याणं विधेहि विपुलां श्रियम् ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ १४॥

विधेहि द्विषतां नाशं विधेहि बलमुच्चकैः ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ १५॥

सुरासुरशिरोरत्ननिघृष्टचरणेऽम्बिके ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ १६॥

विद्यावन्तं यशस्वन्तं लक्ष्मीवन्तञ्च मां कुरु ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ १७॥

देवि प्रचण्डदोर्दण्डदैत्यदर्पनिषूदिनि ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ १८॥

प्रचण्डदैत्यदर्पघ्ने चण्डिके प्रणताय मे ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ १९॥

चतुर्भुजे चतुर्वक्त्रसंसुते परमेश्वरि ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ २०॥

कृष्णेन संस्तुते देवि शश्वद्भक्त्या सदाम्बिके ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ २१॥

हिमाचलसुतानाथसंस्तुते परमेश्वरि ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ २२॥

इन्द्राणीपतिसद्भावपूजिते परमेश्वरि ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ २३॥

देवि भक्तजनोद्दामदत्तानन्दोदयेऽम्बिके ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ २४॥

भार्यां मनोरमां देहि मनोवृत्तानुसारिणीम् ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ २५॥

तारिणि दुर्गसंसारसागरस्याचलोद्भवे ।
रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि  ॥ २६॥

इदं स्तोत्रं पठित्वा तु महास्तोत्रं पठेन्नरः ।
सप्तशतीं समाराध्य वरमाप्नोति दुर्लभम्  ॥ २७॥

॥ इति श्रीमार्कण्डेयपुराणे अर्गलास्तोत्रं समाप्तम् ॥


-माँ शक्ति देवप्रिया आनंदनाथ 

Together let’s beat the Coronavirus spread!

The humans all over the globe are going through testing and trying times. COVID-19 that slowly rose in China, has soon spread over the entire globe. Through the world more than 100 countries are battling with this menace. Every human on the planet is wary of it. Some are fearful, some are confused, some are ignorant, some are waiting and some are just hoping for miracles. Everyone is going through some known and or unknown feelings. There are so many apprehensions and people are seeking respite and refuge in anything that can give them some hope and peace.

As this pandemic continues to spreads amid all efforts to stop it, there are several important questions that we must ask ourselves.. Is there anything we, as humans could have done to avoid such fury of mother nature? Where did we go wrong? Is there any hope for future? What in personal capacity we must do to keep this habitat of ours safe for us and future generations? What does it mean to us to be on the top of evolution pyramid? What is our real place in the scheme of things? Has nature decided to become a nest of intrigue? And many more..

I will try placing my perspective on all of these soon but before our flight of thought begins and we lose the connection with the reality and get lost in the philosophical terrain it is the need of the hour to get real. The truth is that CORONAVIRUS is a real invisible entity that is killing our fellow brothers and sisters; The reality is that no amount of philosophising, critical analysis of past actions, bright plans of possible course corrections can help us this moment. So I begin with offering the following summary of information and action..

CCleanliness is the only Cure!
O– Only prevention can help!
R– Regularly wash your hands with soap and water!
O– Older people must Stay isolated! Obey Government directives!
N– No socialization.. No touching Eyes, Nose and Mouth!
AAll are at risk! Awareness is the key..
VVery Infectious virus strain.. No medicine works on it!
IInform about your foreign Travels!
R– Read from authentic sources.. No Rumours please!
U– Urge everyone to stay home!
S– Stay positive.. Stay aware.. Symptoms? Call you doctor now!

It’s high time every educated person on this planet behaves responsibly and educate others who are not able to understand the gravity of the situation. If this virus spread is not contained it is quite possible we lose majority of our elderly population. It will be extremely unfortunate for these are the learned ones who are the source of wisdom and guidance for the current generation.

We will discuss how as a spiritual sadhak or a Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioner we can derive various lessons and actionables from it.. but that in the next post.

For now take good care of yourself and everyone around you. Stay rooted in your spiritual practices.  Always remember if your pranamaya kosha is strong body’s immunity and capacity to heal itself is high so do not panic or get anxious. So engage in pranayama and do Sanjeevani Vidya Kriya regularly. You will be in good space.

Stay positive and stay aware..

– Ma Shakti Devpriya

MahaShivaRatri – Opportunity to participate in Shiva’s Dance of Destruction!

Traditional and religious understanding is that every month on Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha (14th day of moon cycle), ShivaRatri is celebrated and Maha Shivratri is the eve of that Dark Night that falls in the month of Magha. This night is considered to be the most important of all nights of Shiva. There are many mythological legends associated with the celebration of Maha Shivratri. One of the reasons is that on this auspicious day Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati were married. This day marks the union of Shiva and Shakti. According to another popular legend, when a hunter could not find anything to kill for his food in a forest and the night fell. He waited on the branch of a Wood Apple tree. In order to keep himself awake, he started plucking and throwing the leaves of the tree on the ground, unaware that there was a Shiva Lingam beneath the tree. Pleased with the Wood Apple leaves and the patience of the hunter, it is believed that Lord Shiva appeared in front of the hunter and blessed him with wisdom. From that day on wards, this night is celebrated as MahaShivaratri. According to another interesting belief, every Kashmiri girl is a Parvati and is wedded to Shiva. The Shivaratri symbolizes the wedding.

As per Kashmir Shaivism Shiva is the tattva of pure consciousness and Shakti is the Tattva of pure energy. When the pure consciousness and pure energy come together, this universe is born. And therefore MahaShivratri also marks the day of the formation of the universe.

Most of people assume that on the Last day of this creation Shiva will begin his Taandav and this universe will get back to void. Well, give it a thought and you can clearly see that in fact Shiva never stopped dancing. This dance is an eternal phenomenon. Everything that is born has a time period attached to it; the trees, plants, humans and so has the universe too. Although the lifetime of the universe is bit too long so it seems as if it is indestructible. Truth is, the universe that emerges from the union of Shiva and Shakti, will go back and merge with them when its time comes… in fact it is already being drifted to that final day. Just as a plant, animal or human body approaches its fall so is the fate of cosmos. It is the journey from the source of creation and completing the circle and going back to the source. Beautiful to see that – though not conscious of its existence, purpose or destination; even this physical inanimate matter is moving back to its source!

Lets examine ourselves. From the day we are born and till the day till we die, we are on a rather choiceless but continuous journey that takes us towards the source of our own creator Shiva, the pure consciousness. We may revolve through the wheel of life and death trillions of times in the process but whenever it will be, this ultimate union of individual consciousness with the ever-existing, pure-blissful supreme consciousness will be a celebration of the auspicious union of Shiva and Shakti. In human form we have been presented with the wisdom and free-will to recognize and take resolve to expedite this very process and jump off this churning wheel of life and death to reach our destination. But will we? Though unwise and unfortunate but as Humans, we can very easily be strayed and not actually end up where we ought to be.

Suppose, one day in the morning when you get up, you  become desirous of going to a temple. Now, this desire gradually turns into a resolve. You then get ready, jump into your car and start the journey with the temple in mind. But as mostly happens, while going towards the temple, you come across a big fair, in your city. As you drive by, you start wondering how big the fair is, with so many shops, beautiful items on sale like never before, many different avenues of entertainment, food stalls serving various cuisines. And just at that time you notice that almost all your friends are merry-making and chilling there. Suddenly flashes a sign-board in front – Today is the last day of the fair and sale. You decide to join your friends in the fair for some time and say to yourself ‘I will quickly free myself and go to the temple a little while later’. Then as always happens.. You get soaked in the friends, fun and frolic, spend your whole day in the fair and by evening you are so exhausted, that despite having thought of it you drop the idea of going to the temple and postpone it for some other day – The world is that fair and that other day is your next life!

This is the exact way, we spend our lives. In full cognition, we chose to commence our journey towards the Shiva Tattva and then having been surrounded by so many distractions we get completely deluded and forget the purpose of being here. We take so many of detours towards alluring dreamworlds along our journey, that by the time we realize it is not real – it is too late!

MahaShivratri is that time of the year, when you are not only reminded of this cyclic journey of yours but the energies in the universe are also supporting you in taking that very important first step on this auspicious day. Mind you.. the choice of this particular day for making a beginning is not arbitrary. In Vedic and Tantric systems moon is representative of cosmic mind. The individual mind equally gets affected by changing phases of the cosmic mind, the moon – Poornima (full moon) making one vulnerable to hyper activity of mind and Amavasya (new moon) triggering the feeling of void, emptiness. On the 14th day of dark night you can effortlessly catch hold of your mind and drop your Ahamkara (ego) because on cosmic level also the activity of manas tattva is extremely feeble. There is already a void that we can fill with Shakti Tattva through our designated practices. Surrendering to Devi – the divine Shakti then can forcibly drag our ego to Shiva Tattva.  If you have known your goal and are already on your path, you can move by leaps and bounds on this day – Shree Mahaadevratautsukya Mahadevyai Namo Namah!

How do you allow this transformation? To make this happen you need to spend the day in awareness of emptiness of mind and make yourself available to the universal energies. On this day, one should fast the whole day. Fasting has important role to play here and it is of two types. One is the physical fasting, that is you abstain from grains and have only fruits and milk. This fasting helps you cleanse on the body level and reduce tamas. Having done Ekadsi fast prior to this is always an added advantage. It significantly improves our alertness and awareness. Yet the most important fasting is mental fasting, this is very important as it cleanses one on the mental level and create a sizable void. So on this day, you should abstain from all the gazettes and sources that fill your mind with unneeded information and stimuli like TV, mobile and even newspapers.

Further, it is very important to avoid anger, fear, frustration and complaining behaviour. When these two fastings are done properly, you are prepared for the next step, that comes in the night.

Yes, the night is important here, as it is Shiv “Ratri”.  The whole day, by doing the physical and mental fasting you have prepared yourself, for this important occasion. This is the night, to stay awake, aware and be available. Sitting upright while  meditating on the Shiva Tattva, brings us closer to our goal – that is the ultimate destination of all! During night, one sits, does one’s designated sadhana, japa, sings bhajans and stotras praising the Lord Shiva. When the mind is completely silent, it is the time to close your eyes, sit straight and meditate on the Shiva Tattva. The presence of pure consciousness can be felt in the silent gap between two breaths. Between the exhalation and inhalation is a small silent gap that is very important, the gap which is filled with pure consciousness – the dance of Shiva happens here! If you stay witness and aware to this silence you will experience Shiva taking charge of your being – destroying your ego, your wrong notions about self and the world completely so that you can realize His presence in every speck of your being.

This is is one of the practice for the night of Maha shivratri. The time duration for which it is done is not important, Mother can make you arrive in just five minutes! Most important is – what you do preceding the night – physical fasting, mental fasting, Sadhana, invoking Shakti Tattva and remembering Lord Shiva.

Every night in the deep sleep state, we are experiencing bliss, but that bliss is unconscious. Maha Shivratri is the night of attaining conscious blissful state while being wide awake and aware. I wish you all a very blissful and conscious Maha Shivratri. May you get the glimpse of your ultimate goal!


-Ma Shakti Devpriya

Food habits and Kundalini Awakening!

Will egg consumption lead to stop Kundalini awakening?



Dear Nanje,

Kundalini awakening as per classical systems of Yoga do require you to maintain a sattvic lifestyle that includes keeping our thoughts, behaviour, food and attitude under persistent awareness. Most of popular systems ask for it albeit it depends which path or way your teacher has chosen for you because some systems such as Aghora and Kaula etc. make judicious and ritualistic usage of things such as meat, alcohol etc. Nevertheless these things are used only as part of certain processes rather than the careless inclusion of such tamasic elements in daily living.

Those who claim that food habits have nothing to do with your kundalini miss the critical and healthy balance of ida and pingla. As spontaneous (at the moment of the event) equilibrium of Surya and Chandra Nadia is mandatory for the event to commence and progress without causing any deformation in the psyche and prana body of the practitioner. Keep in mind that this balance is obtained through strict discipline on all fronts that does include food you eat.

Keeping awareness on all the aspects of life by a seeker of truth always pays in long run. However I will once again advise you to consult your teacher in this regard.


-Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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Secret alchemy of Hridayaadi Nyasa in Tantra Yoga

Respected Ma,
I have been doing the Mantra Sadhana as directed by you from last five years and needless to say with your blessings I have been blessed with so many magical experiences. I don’t know how come but after these many years, today this question popped up in my mind. What is the real reason and effect of these Nyasas we do in our Sadhana? Please forgive me for putting this question despite getting so many miracles through this very Sadhana and after so much time.

– Ms M. Goel, Gurugram, Haryana (INDIA)

Dear M.,

Yes, I know your progress has been really good all these years with the grace of Ma Bhagwati and blessings of Gurumandala. There is nothing to feel sorry, It is good you asked about the reasons for Nyaasa, its purpose & benefits.

The most evident reason for Nyaasa is invoking divinity in our body and being. It is said Devo bhootvaa devam yajet‘, Meaning one should worship the Divine after having become divine oneself. These beejas/matras that are associated with Nyaasa sequence are also deeply connected with the same process. For your understanding let me take up Hridayaadi Nyaasa’s every step in sequence.

The first effecting mantra in Hridayaadi Nyaasa is Namah.

This Nyaasa you do at heart. Right? And the correct way to perform this first step is by joining all the fingers (including thumb) and touching the centre of your chest. You have also been told to bow down your head towards heart in the process. Here Namah means bowing down to the divinity and humbly placing the divine aspect at heart with all your body constituting 5 Tattvas (all fingertips joined). It also indicates the process of ‘Tattva-padaarth Sanshodhan’ meaning – separating the chaitanyam from the matter by surrendering the 5 Bhutas to the heart, abode of chaitanyam. This step creates a feeling of submission and invoked humility instead of the ego of individuality. The heart is the place for love and devotion and once you invoke the power of love it makes you capable to absorb the infinite.

The second effecting mantra in Hridayaadi Nyaasa is Swaha.

This is done by placing the soft middle part of your palm on the top of your head (shira). Here you are surrendering (burning) your ego with swaha mantra at the lotus feet of your Guru-Shakti-Dwaya who are seated in the sahasraara chakra. By surrendering your ego at the lotus feet of your Guru you are becoming a little child who is now protected in the lap of her mother. This gives a feeling of inner security and does not allow any kind of doubt and fear come in the sadhana. This is the most beautiful part of Hridayaadi Nyaasa.

The third effecting mantra in Hridayaadi Nyaasa is Vashat.

The place for invoking is shikhaa (the crest or top knot) which represents the divine (teja) fire element. You touch the crest of your head by touching with your right hand’s thumb (fire) and keeping other fingers closed in a fist like position. This pace invokes the divine vision as you know this is the place for receiving the cosmic energy in the body. The subtle messages are received at this place of the body. The divine glow of deity is invoked at this place with a request to the divine power of deity to descend upon us.

The fourth effecting mantra in Hridayaadi Nyaasa is Hum.

This step is done with both the hands by touching the tip of left shoulder using right hand’s base of pinky and left hand is crossed at chest over the right hand to similarly touch the left shoulder. This position of hands creates a cross-like shape at the heart level, invoking a sense of security. The purpose of this step is to create an impenetrable shield (kawacha) around us, to shield our body from unwanted negative forces that might disrupt our sadhana. This mudra is beneficial in creating a feeling of self-reassurance in the practitioner and definitely creates a sphere of protective divine energy around. The mantra is also about warding off the unwanted entities from your place of practice and reclaiming your space.

The fifth effecting mantra in Hridayaadi Nyaasa is Vaushat.

This step is performed at our three eyes using first three fingers. The forefinger touches the right visible eye, the ring finger touches the left eye and the middle finger touches our invisible and dormant third eye. This process is done to ignite the power of divine vision. Use of middle finger (Space – that contains fire seed) at third eye is a trigger for energizing this centre and thus be blessed with the divine vision by the grace of deity. The power to see the Truth is dormant here and this step invokes the same in the sadhak.

The sixth and last effecting mantra in Hridayaadi Nyaasa is Phat.

This is performed using both the hands. The first two fingers i.e. the forefinger and middle finger of the right hand are stretched (while pinky and ring fingers are pressed over by thumb) and these are encircled around head (just above level of shoulders) in anti-clockwise direction starting from the left shoulder, bringing them in the front. Upon completing of this circle these two fingers are forcefully hit on the left palm ( that is kept at the level of manipura chakra ) creating clapping sort of sound (Phat). This process is done to burn one’s all the three types of bondages (taapa – daihika, daivik and bhautika) or sufferings in the pyre of Agni Chakra fire. The sound created in the process represents the sounds emanating from a real burning of  wood in fire of pyre.

As we always say that Tantrik processes work even when done without any understanding of them but if you know what they really signify nothing like it. Now you know the inner meaning of this process as well so use it to your advantage fully.

Keep progressing in your sadhana.

Blessings from Masters..

-Ma Shakti Devpriya

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